Exchange 2013 Replication Servers constantly restarting

We had an interesting one come in today from a customer. They reported that on one of their exchange servers (2013 CU 8) the replication service had been constantly restarting for around a week.

We hopped on and immediately took a look at the event logs, we found the below:

(Event 2070 The Microsoft Exchange Replication Service encountered an error while inspecting the logs and database for ….  on startup)

Event 2070

Additionally in the MailboxDatabaseFailureItems log we found:

(Event 1, MailboxDatabaseFailureItems)


Event 1

We had tried this fix: but it didn’t solve our issue.

Going on a hunch we suspended the database the logs were mentioning and voila the service stabilised!

We then removed the copy (and the files) of the dodgy db and re-added it, all working as expected!


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